Walking into the beautiful campus of Western Kentucky University, you can feel the excitement in the air as many high school students get photographs taken at this south-central university for their junior and senior prom. The theme is enchanted evenings and everyone is dressed to theme, including high school junior Hannah Vincent.

We first made our way to a beautiful bridge covered in greenery, but had to wait for other prom-goers to get turn at this photogenic spot. Once the space had cleared out, we were finally ready to get started. We were able to get some beautiful shots underneath the bridge around the greenery and the stone with the sun and wind helping get some dramatic shots.

We then made our way out from under the bridge over to some more greenery. Even though the sun can give us a disadvantage, we used it help some gorgeous sun burst shots. The wind also allowed us to get some beautiful dress shots.

We then made our way to the top of the bridge to get some dramatic shots. Hannah's dress and accessories allowed us to get some very unique shots from the gorgeous ballgown to the vintage jewelry. I mean, I can't get over her beautiful, full dress.

Our last stop was the columns of the colonnade. I don't know about you, but this location gave me total Greek/Roman vibes. This spot gave us the opportunity to get some more classier photos that went very well with her ensemble. And we couldn't leave this spot without getting a nice dress toss.

I loved getting to work with Hannah and her mom and learn more about how we have very similar interests from theatre and music. Here's to an enchanted evening in Bowling Green, Kentucky.