My first experience with the Armstrongs was when I met Aaron in a dance class at Murray State University. I had signed up for the class just to help out the professor because there were not enough girls in the class. I remember walking into the class thinking, "Man, this guy is really cute."

It wasn't until the next week we finally started talking to each other. You know the type of conversation: "Hi, I'm Mariah," "Hi, I'm Aaron," "Nice to meet you," "Nice to meet you too." But even after the most awkward and forced conversation, we still wanted to talk to each other after that.

We went on our first date a month later and that was that, I was smitten. I couldn't imagine ever wanting anyone else.

Like almost any other person, I was very nervous to meet his family. I was participating in a performance in his hometown, so it was a very quick meeting where I briefly met his mom, Karen, and his brother, AJ. Even though we weren't at his house longer than an hour, his mom was so welcoming and loving.

It wasn't until after three months of dating, I was finally able to actually spend more time with his mother and brother at their house by the pool. The more time I spent with them, I knew I was a part of another family.

Within the next few years, Aaron and I got engaged, moved to a new city, got a puppy, then got married. During this time, AJ graduated high school and started college, and Karen retired from teaching and moved to Virginia Beach.

There have been lots of moves and lots of changes over the last few years, but our family is stronger than ever. Thanks to Karen and AJ for letting me be a part of your family.